Turbochargers Laser Marking and Leakage Test Machine

Application :

Specially used to mark turbocharger volutes, verify code quality and carry out the Leakage Test on components. The machine had to fit into a production line and interfaces with the customer’s database.

Product Detail

Product Tags

1.A laser marking machine equipped with an ATEQ Leakage test system, a 30Watt optical fiber laser and a quality verified reader.

2.The machine’s structure is made of steel and the marking cabin has an automatic front door, equipped with optical barriers that protect the operator when loading the component.

3.The machine is also suitable for the laser marking of volutes featuring different heights: this is possible by changing the position of the laser head automatically.

4.There are two pistons that close the volute chamber to carry out the Leakage Test in the cabin.

5.The machine is interfaced with an ATEQ to verify the test result on both outputs (based on the surface, the air pressure is automatically regulated by a solenoid valve).

6.If the result of the Leakage Test is negative, the component will be rejected. If the result is positive, the machine will proceed with the laser marking. Once the quality of the marking has been verified, the code reader will return to position and the pistons will release the components.

7.The machine can also upload marking datas and leakage test results to customer’s management system. In this way, the internal customer database stays updated with the traceability data relative to each manufactured component and it is possible to trace back the piece to its origin in case of product damage.




Laser power


Marking Area


Max Marking Speed


Marking Depth


Repeat Positioning Accuracy


Min Character


Min Line Width


Adjusting power range


Power Supply

220V 10A 50Hz

Power Consumption

< 1.2KW

Running Temperature


Cooling Mode

Air Cooling

Overall Weight




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